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The patent number is zero: ZL 2008 2 0200062.7、200920273744.5、200910246143. x

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J380Automatic feeding straw rope machine

J380Straw rope machine is our factory independent research and development production of straw is used for the automatic spinning line machine。 [Described in detail]

The machine features:
1、Machine running low noise
2、Less than the raw material consumption20%
3、The production process,Rope breaking rate is small
4、Simple and reasonable structure、Easy maintenance,Very low failure rate
5、High output、Disk volume:45CM*18CM ,14MMThick rope played a plate is only10Minutes
6、Save electricity、Adopted220VAlternating current (ac)、The power to750W
7、Woven straw rope appearance、Evenly、Fluffy、Good toughness,In accordance with straw rope export standards
8、Can be compiled10MM-35MMAny diameter of straw rope (Four kinds of models)
9、The use of high-tech digital calculation table record rope length,Can be set up straw rope with a plate or less than a plate of arbitrary length automatic stop
10、The length of the automatic induction straw,Without artificial mechanical adjustment,For length of straw50-100Cm
The purpose of the straw rope

Straw rope machine woven straw rope has a very wide range of USES,Easy to transport product sales。

The specific use of straw rope:Packing for China、Brick and tile packaging、Fabrication packaging、Trees flowers and plants、Tobacco packaging、Casting wheat straw packaging、Items of banding、Shockproof packaging, etc。

  • 1 Three national patent products

    The patent number is zero: ZL 2008 2 0200062.7 200920273744.5 200910246143. x

  • 2 High output

    The lowest yield50Jin/Hours(String),The maximum yield100Jin/Hours(The rope),Close800M/Hours,Close5-8Volume/Hours,Each volume10-12Jin。

  • 3 The production of straw rope are of good quality

    Straw rope appearance、Evenly、Fluffy、Good toughness,In accordance with straw rope export standards,Applicable industry widely。

  • 4 Save electricity,Is not easy to damage

    Adopted220VAlternating current (ac)、The power to750W;The machine warranty6Months,Lifelong maintenance。Electronic system guarantee3Years。Let you rest assured to buy the rest assured。

Straw rope machine manufactory profile

Dongguan nine rings of agricultural machinery technology co., LTD. Is a professional research and development and the design and manufacturing automation of agricultural machinery manufacturers。

Since the founding of our factory has a rich design experience、Manufacturing technology for the excellent team。With perfect production equipment,Strong technical force,Advanced manufacturing technology and perfect detection ability,Product quality is stable and reliable,The factory in“Quality is the life”The management idea of establish and improve the effective quality assurance system,To ensure that provide users with high-quality products and services。